Re-registration in the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s Public Register of Certified Persons

Persons registered in the Public Register of Certified Persons maintained by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) are required to renew their registration by the end of February each year via the CySEC website by paying the renewal fee of €80 and providing confirmation of having met the prescribed requirements regarding continued professional training. Certified persons who do not renew their registration by the due date are automatically deleted from the Public Register. Persons who have been deleted from the register may apply for re-registration. Re-registration is not permitted more than twice.

Persons deleted from the Public Register who wish to re-register must submit a request for re-registration via the CySEC website no later than 12 months after the deadline of 28 February 2018. Re-registration will not be possible after 12 months have elapsed. In order to re-register, the applicant must make good any deficiency in required hours of continued professional training and pay a re-registration fee in addition to the renewal fee of € 80. If the request for re-registration is the first made by the person concerned, the re-registration fee is €200; for a second re-registration the fee is €500.


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