Contact details for the new Deputy Ministry of Shipping

The Deputy Ministry of Shipping (DMS) has announced that the email addresses of personnel and departments of the DMS have been changed following its conversion from a department of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works to a Deputy Ministry. The part of the email address which precedes the @ symbol is the same as before, but the part of the email address which follows the @ symbol has changed from to For example, the email address [email protected] is now [email protected].

To ensure a smooth transition, existing email addresses of personnel will remain valid until 30 June 2018 and departmental email addresses will remain valid until 30 April 2019.

The contact point for ship-to-shore security alerts initiated by a Ship Security Alert System under Regulation XI/6.2.1.of SOLAS 74, as amended, has been changed to [email protected] and the SSASs of all existing and new Cyprus flag ships must be programmed with the correct contact point not later than 30 April 2019. This must be verified by the Recognised Organisation or Recognised Security Organisation at the next inspection of the vessel.