Electronic submission of 2017 income tax returns

In April 2018 the Cyprus Tax Department announced that income tax returns for 2017 must be submitted online via its TAXISnet portal, and that paper returns will not be accepted. Disquiet has been expressed by some taxpayers that the returns for 2017 are not yet available, causing them concern that they will not have sufficient time to familiarise themselves with the system and complete the new forms.

In order to allay these concerns the Tax Department has reassured taxpayers that it will inform them as soon as the requisite forms are available for online submission via the TAXISnet portal, and of the closing date for submission, and that all the necessary time will be given to taxpayers to be able to comply. Notifications will also be emailed to all users. In the meantime, the Tax Department has again recommended all taxpayers who have not yet registered with TAXISnet to do so.

For further information on this matter please contact Elena Christodoulou or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.