Filing of 2017 individual tax returns

The Cyprus Tax Department has announced that 31 October 2018 is the deadline for employees and self-employed individuals who are not required to submit audited financial statements to file their tax returns for the year 2017 and settle any tax liability for the year.

Returns may only submitted online via the department’s TAXISnet system and any payment must also be made online. Payments made after 31 October 2018 may only be made at District Tax Offices  and will be subject to interest and penalties.

The deadline for paying SDC tax (which is charged on interest, dividends and rent) for 2017 has already passed, and payments may now only be made at District Tax Offices.

In order to support taxpayers during the transition to exclusively online filing the Tax Department is providing centres with computer facilities for taxpayers to use, with the support of Tax Department staff, and seminars for community groups.