Use of electronic certificates

The Deputy Ministry of Shipping has recently issued a circular informing Recognized Organizations and Recognized Security Organizations, and registered owners, bareboat charterers, managers and representatives of ships flying the Cyprus flag that it now accepts statutory certificates issued to Cyprus-flagged vessels by Recognised Organizations in electronic form, provided that they satisfies the requirements of the International Maritime Organization set out in its publication FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2 (Guidelines for the use of electronic certificates).

Documents with electronic signatures complying with the guidelines are safe and easy to share with charterers, ports, flag administrations, insurers and others. They are tamper-proof, and their validity can be verified through an online authentication service.

The DMS encourages all Recognised Organizations acting on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus to develop the necessary capabilities to enable the issuance of electronic statutory certificates, in order to reduce administrative requirements and enhance efficiency and security.

Nevertheless, as the circular makes clear, the existing practice of issuing physical certificates is also acceptable.

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