Communication with the Cyprus Tax Department

On 7 September the Tax Department announced further steps in its programme to improve efficiency and speed communication with taxpayers.

Form ΤΦ 1006 , the reminder to submit a VAT return, which was previously sent by mail to taxpayers who had not submitted a VAT return by the due date, will now be sent only by email to the taxpayer’s recorded email address.

In addition the payment of VAT refunds by cheque ceased with effect from 1 August 2018, with all refunds from that date being made by bank transfer. Taxpayers were notified in advance of the change and requested to provide up-to-date bank account details, particularly if they had applied for a refund.

The Tax Department has again advised taxpayers to ensure that it has the requisite bank account information, by completing and submitting form ΤΦ1900 – 2017 and supporting documents to their local District Office or by mail to the department’s headquarters. Refunds will not be made unless the department has a valid form ΤΦ1900 – 2017 showing the requisite bank details.

Taxpayers who have already submitted the form do not need to submit it again unless their bank details have changed.

The Tax Department intends to move to exclusively electronic means of communication in the near future, and advises taxpayers to ensure that they notify any change of e-mail address through the Taxisnet service, in order to maintain communication.

For further information please contact Constantinos Christofi or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.