GeSY / G.H.S. contributions for employers and employees

Commencing from 1 March 2019 all employers’ and employees’ in Cyprus will be required to make contributions to the General Healthcare System (G.H.S.), as follows:

 Period: Employer Contribution:  Employee Contribution:
01/03/2019 – 28/02/2020  1,85% 1,70%
From 01/03/2020  2,90% 2,65%

Employers’ contributions and employees’ deductions are calculated on the gross salary (up to €180,000) and will be paid through Social Insurances.  The amount of the G.H.S. deduction is tax deductible up to the total of 1/6th of the individual’s total income. The amount of the employers’ contribution is tax deductible for corporate tax purposes.

G.H.S. payments on other sources of income of the employee, other than the monthly salary, must be calculated and paid directly by the employee to the Tax Department. For more information contact Constantinos Christofi