Elias Neocleous & Co LLC presenting its Corporate Social Responsibility in Insider issue

In today’s modern business environment, where corporate actions (or inactions) are increasingly scrutinized and judged on social media platforms, it is necessary for all those in the corporate world to reassess how they implement Corporate Social Responsibility Actions (CSR). Simple charity and sponsorship of community organizations do not now satisfy the higher standards demanded of corporations. In a world where the community expects corporations to look beyond their shareholders and contribute to society as a whole, there are now initiatives that stress environmental responsibility, that refer to the application of best working practices and care for local communities. Businesses must acknowledge that their success depends not only on their services but also on how they interact with other social partners.
As one of the most important organizations in the country, with a leading presence in the field of legal services, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC shares this view and has adopted, as part of its CSR Actions, a series of multifaceted targeted actions based on Agenda 2030. These are the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been set up by the United Nations to combat pathogens of international character, with emphasis on issues of reducing poverty and inequality, protection of human rights and the environment and creating conditions of sustainable development of peace and prosperity.
In the latest issue of the Insider magazine, along with other major businesses of the Cypriot economy, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC presented its initiatives in the field of CSR. Such initiatives include prizes to excellent students, contacts with universities to employ and train interns, blood donations, radio marathons to raise amounts for social groups needing support. Other initiatives have been the firm s participation in the International Run in Color for the support of ELPIDA foundation, silver sponsorship of the innovation festival “Reflect 2019” and the significant support to the project of the first Museum of Computer History in Cyprus.
“Future generations have the right to live in a sustainable and healthy environment, in a society that is cohesive with as few pathogens and discrepancies as possible between its members” said Mr. Elias Neocleous, Managing Partner of our firm. This is the central idea of our CSR strategy, which guides our further steps.