Mondaq award for Contributor Most Read in Cyprus

For the fifth consecutive month Elias Neocleous & Co LLC was awarded Mondaq’s “Contributor Most Read” for Cyprus. The continued recognition is a welcome acknowledgement that not only is the material we publish being read, but it is sought after and well received by our clients, and the business and professional community, as relevant, accurate, informative and interesting.

Mondaq, which launched in 1994, is one of the most comprehensive Internet repositories of professionals’ knowledge and expertise. It disseminates legal, regulatory and financial commentary and information supplied directly by hundreds of the world’s leading professional advisors, covering more than 80 countries, and tracks detailed readership of this information through its website and distribution network.

At the end of every month Mondaq analyses which contributing author firms in each country were read the most by its registered business readers and presents its “Contributor Most Read” awards based on this analysis. All readership consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included when making the award.