Private prosecutions in Cyprus- A new tool?

Partner, Christia Middleton, head of our Paphos Office, was invited by the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime to speak at their 37th Symposium “Fighting Economic Crime – A Shared Responsibility” held at Jesus College, Cambridge from 1-8 September 2019.

Christia presented to the Symposium on the subject of “Private prosecutions in the Republic of Cyprus – A New Tool?”. She discussed the use of Private prosecutions in Cyprus and presented an empirical study of published judgments from 2005 to August 2019. Her presentation aptly illustrated not only the extent to which such prosecutions are used in Cyprus, but also by analyzing the data presented,  cross referenced the prosecutions to relevant statistics for economic crime. Christia rounded out her conclusions to the Symposium noting that Private Prosecutions remain an open and ongoing project for future publications and academic research.

The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime is organised by some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions with the involvement of numerous governmental agencies, the judiciary, the professions, compliance bodies, and the business world. It provides a forum for the practical analysis and discussion of the real threats facing our world as a result of criminal and subversive activity, and Its primary objective is to promote meaningful co-operation in the prevention and control of economically motivated crime and misconduct.

Elias Neocleous & Co is proud to be involved in this worthy social and community endeavor which benefits of the greater community, not only in Cyprus but beyond, and congratulates Christia on her excellent work and contribution to this 37th Cambridge International Symposium dedicated to fighting economic Crime. 

For any enquiry or assistance please contact Christia Middleton or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.