The Law Firm of the Future

The Cyprus Legal Conference, the first event of its kind in Cyprus, invited our Managing Director Elias Neocleous, amongst other legal experts from UK & Scotland,  to address the hundreds of participants who attended. The conference explored what tools and processes are currently available to practitioners to run the law firm of the future and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the industry.

Elias Neocleous emphasized the importance of collaborations between law firms and legal industry service providers. He alerted audiences about the issue of sustainability within the industry, which is currently being compromised due to new law offices continuously being opened, which do not appear to be emerging as a result of mergers or acquisitions of existing law offices.

Elias Neocleous further referred to the tangible benefits of technology in the legal sector, but concluded that despite these benefits, legal professionals still need to recognise that Artificial Intelligence will never replace the substantial relationship lawyers develop and sustain with their clients.