Revolutionising the Legal Industry in Cyprus

As part of its mission to impact future legal processes and to bring added value to its clients, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC introduces NEOLAW.AI, an artificial intelligence driven technology.

NEOLAW.AI is designed to help clients handle their legal matters affordably and effectively, at a simple click of a button in a natural and friendly conversational language.  Some of the many sophisticated and smart services that NEOLAW.AI will offer are legal document templates, document review, appointment schedules as well as knowledge sharing platforms.

As the new innovation technology team member of the law firm, NEOLAW.AI aspires to help company lawyers make even better use of their time in becoming more proactive in their legal practice areas.

Elias Neocleous, Managing Partner of the law firm, reiterated during his today’s speech at the 10th Limassol Economic Forum, on how trained and qualified professionals can leverage this new technology to improve their workflow and productivity.  He referred to this technological tool as being ‘A win-win’ scenario for professionals and clients, mainly as a result of the real ‘value added’ aspects of the legal issues at hand.

Elias Neocleous further addressed some of the emerging issues, which are most likely to impact the sustainable future of professional services. Some of the challenges he presented were related to the increasingly sophisticated clients, whose demands are rising and who want ‘value for money’. Other challenges raised were the loss of privacy and the pressure to innovate, invent and differentiate in a ferociously changing global landscape.

 His public address was concluded, by emphasising the significance of embracing change. NEOLAW.AI is the law firm’s dynamic response to addressing global change.

 The Managing Partner added that at this important intersection where technology and humanity meet, this technological tool paves the way to a long and exciting journey of moving towards achieving a technologically well-balanced future society that remains mindful of our social responsibility.  Finally, he expressed his appreciation to all who attended the event and to the organisers for initiating platforms for economical and professional advancement opportunities. He announced that NEOLAW.AI would be officially launched in 2020, proudly positioning Cyprus on the global map of new legal service delivery.

Guests of the 10th Limassol Economic Forum were invited to meet and interact with NEOLAW.AI and its team of experts, so as to further explore its diverse features and to learn more about its engagement processes.