Elias Neocleous interview to InBusinessNews, at the Limassol Economic Forum

Our Managing Partner, Elias Neocleous, was one of the key figures of the 10th Limassol Economic Forum which took place on Friday 18 October at the Parklane Spa and Resort in Limassol.

During the event he was also interviewed by InBusinessNews, where he expressed his opinion that the  image of Cyprus as a reliable international business center must be restored. Mr. Neocleous mentioned that geopolitical changes play a particularly important role in forming the business landscape, as the relative strength or weakness of countries to promote and defend their interests may have an impact on the provision of products and services in the markets.  Moreover, he highlighted the importance of the impact of climate change on the way we are probably going to work and live in the future.

Mr. Neocleous stressed that Cyprus demonstrates considerable advantages such as a stable political, economic and financial system and offers numerous business incentives for investors. He believes that these are factors which can be utilized for boosting the services sector. According to him, in this context, the general prospects of Cyprus as a EU and Eurozone member are quite positive. Crucially, he also believes additional advantage can be gained via the utilization of  technological advances in order to create added value for our clients.