Biking to a sustainable Limassol?

A two-man team from Elias Neocleous and Co LLC recently completed the “2019 Bicycle Challenge Campaign”.  The challenge was part of the co-funded European Programme ‘CIVITAS DESTINATIONS’.  The aim of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS is to develop innovative projects in order to implement sustainable mobility measures and actions in six European tourist cities.  The cities have differing characteristics but face similar challenges in trying to move to a more sustainable future.

The six cities included in CIVITAS DESTINATIONS (Limassol, Madeira, Valletta, Elba, Las Palmas and Rethymno) all participated in the bicycle challenge which ran from 15th September until 15th December 2019.  The aim of the bicycle challenge was to promote the use of cycling as a valid and greener alternative to motorised transport in everyday life.  This was to be achieved by engaging locals and giving them the knowledge, ability and experience to bicycle around their city with confidence.  They could then act as visible ambassadors for this most sustainable form of transport.  To this end our challenge participants, Michalis Antoniou and Demetris Papoutsis, could be seen, in all weathers, exchanging cars for bicycles when journeying to work, shopping and to social events.  During the challenge participants in all cities were required to keep a log book to record their daily cycling activity in terms of time spent, distance covered and calories lost. 

At the end of the challenge prizes were awarded to the three most active participants in each city.  We are please to announce that in Limassol our own Michalis Antoniou finished in second place having covered 383.82 km, a mere 13 km behind overall winner Stelios Platonos (KEO Plc).   Marios Aresti (Cassiopeia Shipmanagement) took the third prize.

Elias Neocleous offered his congratulations to all those who participated in the Bicycle Challenge and who are helping to move Limassol and five other destinations towards a greener, more sustainable future. We take pride in the fact that, as a firm, we are committed to helping engineer a more sustainable future for our city.


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