Cyprus hosts 2020 Legal 500 GC Summit.

20th February 2020 will see Cyprus take another step in cementing its reputation as a premier business location when, for the first time, it will host the 2020 Legal 500 General Counsel Summit (the ‘GC Summit’).  The Legal 500 is internationally renowned for producing a wide-ranging series of resources for in-house lawyers including ‘roundtables’ and client insight reports. Attracting the GC Summit to Cyprus is a major ‘coup’ and Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is pleased to be a main sponsor for the event.

The GC Summit will take place at the Landmark Hotel in Nicosia and it is expected to attract at least 80 of the top legal minds in Cyprus to discuss some of the important issues currently facing ‘in house’ legal counsels. The event will take the format of several topical panel discussions featuring prominent speakers who are experts in their spheres.

Andrea Kallis Parparinou, partner in our Corporate and Commercial, and Banking and Finance Departments, will be chairing a panel discussion focused on ‘The new reality of negative interest and its effects on Cyprus companies’.  This is expected to be a lively and informative debate which will examine pertinent issues such as the extent to which negative interest rates are likely to become the new ‘norm’ for Cyprus and, prudent measures available to ‘in house’ counsel to help them safeguard their business in a climate of negative interest rates. 

Joining Andrea on our panel will be:

  • Mr Leslie Manson. Mr Manson’s illustrious career has involved 19 years of working for the International Monetary Fund followed by a similar length of time advising various ministers in the Cyprus Ministry of Finance.  From 2009 to 2014 he was a senior advisor in the Central Bank of Cyprus. He now works as an independent economist.
  • Dr Antonis Houry. Dr Houry is the Strategy and Business Development Manager at Eurobank Cyprus Wealth Management Unit. He joined Eurobank Cyprus in 2011, having previously worked at Citigroup and Commerzbank in London where he specialised in complex derivatives and structured products. He has extensive experience in Wealth and Asset Management and Investment Funds (UCITS and AIFs).
  • Mr Michael Pelosi. A legal counsel for Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, Michael has over 24 years’ experience advising international corporate clients and government departments in complex commercial and cross border transactions, international arbitrations and litigation relating to; financial instruments, investment agreements, infrastructure and construction projects, joint venture projects, real estate development and financing, corporate governance and regulatory investigations. Michael has advised and guided multi-national and corporate clients from a diverse range of industries, including financial services, construction, energy and infrastructure, mining, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance and hospitality.

Other topics for discussion during the GC Summit will be ‘Alternate dispute resolution’, ‘Corporate restructuring’ and, ‘Contractual clauses’.

For more information about this interesting and informative event please follow this link.