Civil Registry and Migration Department

The CRMD is now operating with limited personnel, in line with the decision of the Council of Ministers, dated 15 March 2020, concerning the operation of the public sector. Therefore, no applications for the issue or renewal of residence permits are accepted for submission, except in cases of extreme urgency.

  1. Process to return to Cyprus for 3rd country nationals who are currently abroad

The CRMD has announced that “no measures will be taken against third-country nationals who possess residence permits or tourist visas, whose validity has expired within a reasonable period of time and cannot be renewed or extended or for the third-country nationals who cannot be repatriated.”[1]

Third-country nationals whose permits expire due to a necessary stay abroad for more than 90 days, can re-enter Cyprus either:

  1. With a visa issued by Cypriot consular authorities; or
  2. With an entry permit issued by the CRMD (with no need for confirmation of a clean criminal record, given that the stay abroad does not exceed the period of 6 months). After that, third country nationals can reapply for the issuance of a residence permit.

At the moment, CRMD does not issue entry permits, as new instructions are expected before the process comes in effect. The process relating to the consular authorities is currently in force.  

  1. Expiration of Residence/Work Permits & Affected Persons’ Access to GHS Services

The Health Insurance Organization has announced that non-Cypriot legal citizens of Cyprus who are existing GHS beneficiaries will have the re-evaluation of their right to access to GHS services based on a valid residence/work permit, suspended until the 30th of September 2020. This decision was made following the cancelling of all appointments to examine residence/work permit renewals until further notice by the CRMD.  

Consequently, a GHS beneficiary whose residence/work permit has recently expired, or expires before the 30th of September 2020, will continue to receive services up and until said date. This date may be revised in the event that new developments occur.

Notwithstanding the above, existing GHS beneficiaries will continue to receive re-evaluation notifications via the GHS IT System, where they will be required to submit their renewed residence/work permits to reassess their right to GHS services. These notifications are purely informative. The inability of these GHS beneficiaries to respond will not lead to the termination of their GHS Beneficiary status.  

For more information please speak with Elena Christodoulou or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.

Press Release of the Civil Registry and Migration department related to COVID19, dated 19th of March 2020