Justice in Cyprus; Time for radical changes

Our Partner, Mr. Antonis Glykis, recently published an article in the financial edition of Phileleftheros newspaper.

In his article, Mr. Glykis expresses the view that e-justice should be at the core of the reforms planned for the administration of justice in Cyprus. He offers the opinion that judicial procedures should take place through modern technological means, such as telecommunications conferences, on a permanent basis. In support of this suggestion, he presents the example of such practices in England, where a Court of Protection judicial procedure was carried out through Skype. He also highlights an interesting idea from Hong Kong, which involves the creation of one-way (no-reply) email accounts, for the judges on duty, for the submission of documents.

Mr. Glykis stresses the importance of improving access to information in the field of justice, the continuation of the digitalization of in-court and out-of-court proceedings, and, the proper technical implementation and management of e-justice for easier interconnection and inter-functioning between the information systems of the Republic. The aim should be  easier and faster access to the courts.

He calls for immediate action and radical changes in the field, stressing that the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the Supreme Court and, also the Cyprus Bar Association should undertake further initiatives.

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