Pandemic: the day after

Our associate Ioannis Sidiropoulos recently published an article in Kathimerini newspaper.

In the article, he mentions that the pandemic of Covid-19 has caused serious disruption to the activities of the modern world, canceling out many of its characteristics in the short term, and moreover, reinforcing counterbalancing attitudes towards the model of an open liberal economy. According to the author, under the current circumstances, while international organizations demonstrate weak or ineffective reflexes, people seem to seek safety and protection in their countries. There, they are willing to surrender uncomplainingly many of their, under normal circumstances, non-negotiable individual rights and freedoms.

However, the article expresses the opinion that, despite the belief of many that the death of globalization and the return of the centralised and authoritarian state are highly probable, the globalized character of the economy is not going to be undone. Furthermore, it is not likely that societies are going to move towards less liberal political choices. They understand that the huge funds needed for the support of national health systems can be found through the taxation of wealth, which is produced mainly by the private sector.

The author offers some predictions for the day after the pandemic; he believes, for example, that the role of scientists is going to become more important in the societies of the future and also, that the global common understanding on the response to global threats will be strengthened. Additionally, he suggests, as digital reform and teleworking is already accelerating dramatically, with applications in all areas of business and public life, this will result in reduced travel, cutting unnecessary costs and improving the quality of life. However, the most important result of this crisis, according to the author, will be the anthropocentric repositioning of values and priorities and the collective awareness that all goals and pursuits only make sense when human life and health are guaranteed.

You can find the article (only in Greek) in this link.

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