An interview with our managing Partner, Mr. Elias Neocleous, was recently published in the GOLD magazine.

In the interview Mr. Neocleous mentioned he is optimistic that, once the current COVID-19 global health crisis comes to an end, Cyprus economic activity will soon recover. He did, however, highlight some of the challenges that the current pandemic situation has brought to the market. Mr. Neocleous also expressed his views on the role that the legal profession can play in strengthening Cyprus’ position as an international business center. He presented his opinions concerning the services and areas of practice in which Cyprus lawyers are most competitive internationally. He also highlighted the geographical areas which he believes Cyprus professionals should be targeting to attract new clients. Furthermore, Mr. Neocleous provided commentary on the trends in, and models of, services which are currently offered to corporate clients by law firms. He finished by providing an insight into the ways in which the Cyprus legal system can be improved to make Cyprus’ business environment more attractive.

You can find the interview here.