2020 Reflect – Looking to the future!

The 2020 Reflect Festival closed its ‘virtual’ doors on Saturday afternoon having staged a successful event for the third consecutive year. Reflect Festival connects businesspeople, corporates, entrepreneurs, academics, students, scientists, and technology and IT specialists from near and far. We are very proud to have supported this event which attracted thousands of ‘visitors’ from 61 countries around the world.
This year they were able to observe 53 keynote presentations and listen to a variety of inspirational speakers, including our managing partner Elias Neocleous, as well as being party to several ‘fireside chats’ delivered by experts in their field. The topics covered included something for everybody, ranging from business and the economy through to ‘softer’ topics such as future happiness and relationships. Attendees were also rewarded by having access to a variety of ‘virtual’ rooms including an Expo Hall, where 84 companies had assembled innovative displays and, a networking lounge where they could exchange views with one another and question presenters.
The climax of 2020 Reflect was the presentation of the first ever Reflect Impact Awards. The awards were directed at ‘start up’ businesses which were not only innovative, but which also had a noble objective underpinning their existence. This inaugural event attracted a massive 400 entries from ‘start ups’ in fields as diverse as health, renewable energy, finance, fashion, marketing, and film production to name just a few. Ten entries were shortlisted for the main award and these were given the opportunity to present their businesses to a worthy panel of judges which included our own Chief Information Officer, Michael Ioannou. The eventual and extremely impressive overall winner was ‘Leaf Global Fintech’ which provides digital financial services to the stateless and excluded on a mobile device. Utilizing blockchain technology it offers refugees a safe way to protect and transport their assets across borders when fleeing conflict.
Elias Neocleous commented “We applaud the introduction of the Reflect Impact Awards; the concept of corporate social responsibility is one that is dear to our own firm. We extend our congratulations to Leaf Global Fintech and to the organizers of 2020 Reflect who have most definitely achieved their stated aim of reminding people that despite all the difficulties we have faced this year, ‘the only way is forward’.

If you have any follow up questions about the subjects and presentations covered during Reflect Festival, or if you require any additional information about the Cyprus regime and the services our firm can provides to businesses and start-ups, including intellectual property, data protection and cybersecurity and tax advice, please visit our practice areas section here or reach out to us at [email protected] or through your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co. LLC.

We look forward to seeing what innovations 2021 Reflect will bring!