Partner Nicolas Tsardelis is elected as a member of the Council of the Cyprus Bar Association

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the election of our Firm’s Partner, Mr. Nicolas Tsardelis, as a member of the Council of Cyprus Bar Association, after polling which took place on 15 October 2020. Following the elections he was also appointed as a secretary of this Board. Moreover, as a result of the latter appointment he has also become a member of the Boards of Cyprus Legal Council and the Advocates Pensions Fund.

Nicolas is the head of the Litigation Department of our office in Nicosia. He has long and extensive experience in handling complex cases, and resolving disputes, across many areas of law.

We are confident that Nicolas’ sincere interest in the issues affecting the legal profession, his personal morality, and his strong work ethic will prove to be assets to the Cyprus Bar Association. In addition, we believe that his excellent professional training, his efficiency and his erudition will guarantee the successful fulfillment of any tasks he undertakes on its behalf; especially during these testing times when it is intended that the Cyprus Bar Association will play a pivotal role in helping the Cyprus justice system undergo substantial reform.

We wish Nikolas every success in his new role. We will be proud to support him in his efforts to both upgrade the Cyprus legal profession and, to improve the administration of justice in our country as a whole.