Human Rights course on Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings and Victims’ Rights

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that our Firm’s Partner, Mr. Nicolas Tsardellis, will be co-tutoring the Council of Europe HELP online learning program on “Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings and Victims’ Rights”, which will commence on 22 January 2021. 

The program’s launch event was held online on 15 January 2021 and was attended by more than a 100 judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and members of the police.

The program is run by certified tutors of the Council of Europe and  Mr. Tsardelis was one of just three lawyers to receive special training and certification, allowing him to tutor the education program on behalf of the Cyprus Bar Association.

For more information please contact Nicolas Tsardellis or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.