Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is delighted to announce the launch of phase I of its revolutionary legal technology solution Neolaw.ai

Using the latest and best aspects of machine learning and AI together with a natural language processing, Neolaw.ai is set to become an indispensable legal assistant and knowledge repository for ‘in-house’ lawyers and practicing lawyers throughout Cyprus and beyond.  Through this initial roll-out of Neolaw.ai they will be able, via mobile, tablet, or desktop, to utilize:

Legal Brain: A digital lawyer with a wide knowledge from an extended library of the Laws of Cyprus along with references to relevant cases for each subject matter.

Informational Services: Currently covering GDPR, Permanent Residency, Trademarks and IP issues but expanding to include a host of topics such as “setting up in Cyprus” and full tax-facts on Cyprus tax.

Neolaw.ai has been developed by a combined team of our tech-specialists and lawyers, therefore whilst it utilizes the most advanced technology available, it is designed to give lawyers the information that they need in a format which is most useful to them.  No special technical knowledge is required to use the service, access is via an AI chatbot which uses natural language processing.  This allows it to respond to the user’s question rather than it referring to a pre-determined list!

We believe that the future of professional law firms lies in using the best of modern technology to increase the efficiency of lawyers by eliminating time consuming tasks and by expanding their knowledge horizons to the benefit of their clients. Neolaw.ai is our contribution to this evolution.  We have therefore chosen to offer a month-long free trial to any lawyers who would like to trial it. Certainly, the unfortunate circumstances of the past year have highlighted the importance of technology in all our lives. For lawyers and clients, at any time, Neolaw.ai cuts costs and expands horizons. Faced with working from home again it can be a game changer.

For more information about Neolaw.ai contact us at [email protected] or visit  https://www.neolaw.ai