Elias Neocleous & Co LLC presents its Corporate Social Responsibility Actions in Insider magazine

In today’s modern business environment businesses must acknowledge that their success depends not only on their services, but also, on how they interact with other social partners. Corporate Social Responsibility Actions (CSR) have become particularly important now that society is facing the adversities of the pandemic. Elias Neocleous & Co LLC shares this view and has adopted, as part of its CSR policy, a series of multifaceted targeted actions with an emphasis on the issues of: reducing inequality; protection of human rights; protection of the environment, and creating conditions for the sustainable development of prosperity.

In the latest issue of the Insider magazine, along with other major businesses of the Cypriot economy, Elias Neocleous & Co LLC presents its initiatives in the field of CSR. These include the awarding of prizes to excellent students, arranging regular blood donations, participation in various philanthropic events for the benefit of social groups needing support, and the sponsorship of innovation festivals and seminars.

Finally, our firm is proud to have recently launched Neolaw.ai. Neolaw.ai is a technological tool developed by a combined team of technology experts and lawyers, exploiting the most advanced technology available. We hope it will  become an indispensable legal assistant and a knowledge repository for lawyers in Cyprus and abroad. Neolaw.ai is our contribution to the legal community.  We hope that it, and future actions that we will take in terms of utilizing innovative technologies, will bring about a chain of positive effects on the business community for the benefit of the whole society.

You can find the article here (in Greek).

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