Helping to boost bone marrow donation

Every year thousands of patients are diagnosed with life threatening blood or immune system disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease and thalassemia. Sometimes, for them, bone marrow transplantation from a compatible or unrelated donor will be the best treatment option available. However, even with more than 20 million volunteer bone marrow donors available worldwide, many patients cannot find a compatible donor. For this reason, and to honour the memory of our much-loved Mr. Andreas Neocleous, on 30th November, the Limassol Office of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC hosted a bone marrow donor recruitment drive.  The session was conducted on the initiative of Georgia Evripidou with the invaluable support of the Karaiskakio Foundation, which established and maintains the Bone Marrow Archive (BMA) in Cyprus.

Anyone who is 18-45 years old and does not have a serious medical problem such as communicable diseases, malignancies or heart diseases can become a volunteer donor.  Many of our staff were already listed in the BMA before the recruitment drive and we are proud to report that during the session a further twenty-two people also added their names in the hope that they may one day help to save or improve the life of a stranger.  We would like to thank them and to express our gratitude to the staff and volunteers of the Karaiskakio foundation for their help in organizing our event and for the incredible work that they perform every day.

Visit the Karaiskakio Foundation website to find out how you can become a volunteer donor or help the foundation with its work.