enters phase 2 testing

We are pleased to announce that, following successful completion of its launch trial, we are now commencing phase 2 testing of our revolutionary legal platform   

Using the latest and best aspects of machine learning and AI together with a natural language processing, our goal is for to become an indispensable legal assistant and knowledge repository for ‘in-house’ lawyers and practicing lawyers throughout Cyprus and beyond.  The development team for consists of both tech-specialists and lawyers who are tasked to ensure that the platform is designed to operate in a manner which is intuitive for legal professionals – including those with limited technical knowledge or ability.  Phase 2 of testing will therefore take place with the cooperation of third-party organisations to ensure that this aim is realized.  Following the receipt of a demonstration video covering the ‘Legal Brain’ and ‘Information Services’ aspects of the platform, each organization  will participate in a free two-month trial of  We look forward to receiving their feedback on their experience of using the platform and also their suggestions for possible improvements.

We believe that the future of professional law firms lies in using the best of modern technology to increase the efficiency of lawyers by eliminating time consuming tasks and by expanding their knowledge horizons to the benefit of their clients. is our contribution to this evolution. 

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