Article of our Partner Chrysanthos Christoforou published in Cyprus Mail

The Cyprus Mail has recently published the latest in a series of articles focusing on cybercrime authored by Partner, Chrysanthos Christoforou.

The article examines the most recent cybercrime case to be heard in the District Court of Nicosia, namely Notesco Financial Services Limited v. ISX Financial EU PLC (Civil Action folio no. 2486/21).  Chrysanthos provides a basic background of the case and explores the arguments used.  These largely focused on balancing the right to confidentiality against the ‘public interest’ requiring disclosure of ‘confidential’ information.

He highlights that the judgement given in the case confirmed the readiness of the Cyprus courts to combat cybercrime and identify the wrongdoers where appropriate.

The article may be viewed in full here.

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC has an experienced cybercrime task force/unit which is ready to act upon urgent requests to protect the interests of our clients (businesses and private individuals) who may have fallen victims of internet fraud.  For more information and assistance please contact Chrysanthos Christoforou.