Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, together with Gofstein and Partners, has recently advised Zantemark Limited, operating under its brand name Yoloco, on setting up its operations and headquarters in Cyprus.

Yoloco is a leading social data technology company aiming to revolutionize advertising through improving a brand’s ability to select the most effective ‘social media’ influencer to market its products.  To do this it has developed a platform that will assist the client in understanding the target audience for its product and match it with the most suitable influencer on the YouTube and Instagram networks.  The platform makes use of ‘in house’ developed advanced algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to extensively analyze data which is publicly available on social media networks.

Currently Yoloco covers two social media platforms, YouTube and Instagram, but intends to expand to include TikTok influencers.  It is also developing the ability to match data from marketplaces like Amazon to existing influencer data. Both are moves that will significantly boost the robustness of its platform.  Yoloco initially focused on a single market but it is now ready to expand operations on a global basis.  To facilitate the expansion Yoloco’s founders and management team made a strategic decision to relocate the company’s business and headquarters to Cyprus.  The geographic location of the country, together with government policy, which is extremely supportive of the hi-tech sector, made Cyprus the obvious base from which to expand the company’s reach into new continents and countries, including the USA, Brazil, the UK, Germany and the EU.  Alongside this sales strategy, Yoloco continues to develop new data processing abilities to maximize advertising effectiveness.  Both avenues of activity will result in an expansion of the existing team.

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC played a crucial role in the company’s decision to be based in Cyprus, and it is proud to have advised Yoloco on all legal aspects and related transactions from inception.  Notably, it assisted Yoloco in matters relating to M&A,  taxation, the registration of intellectual property rights, the drafting of all documents relevant to the  company’s successful Seed II round of financing and, all incidental legal issues pertaining to the relocation to and establishment of operations in Cyprus. All work for Yoloco was undertaken by the Tech Law Department of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, which was established specifically to support early-stage technology businesses on their journey towards significant growth and profitability.

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