Article of our associate Marina Vassiliou published in Fileleftheros newspaper

Our associate, Marina Vassiliou, has published an article in Fileleftheros newspaper which concerns a recent decision of the Supreme Court of Cyprus. The ruling should be of interest to many tenants since it took into consideration the latest amendment to the Rent Control Law. Pursuant to this amendment, a response from a tenant, who owes rent, to an application filed under these provisions for recovery of possession against him, is admitted for registration by the Clerk of the Court only if accompanied by either: a receipt by the Accounting department of the Court that it has been deposited with the Court an amount of arrears of rent referred to in the Application on the date of its registration; or a receipt of rent collection, issued by the landlord or a representative thereof, or a proof of deposit by a financial institution for the benefit of the landlord or a representative thereof.  In her article, after referring to the new legal framework, the author presents the decision of the first instance court, and then analyses that of the Supreme Court whilst also expressing her thoughts on the matter.

The article, only in Greek, can be accessed here (printed version).

For more information, please speak with Marina Vassiliou or your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.