Reflect Festival 2022 – Doers Unite, the future beckons!

Limassol City will soon be opening its arms to welcome one of the largest technology and entrepreneurial festivals in Europe, Reflect 2022.  The fifth Reflect Festival will take place 19th-21st October and Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is again proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this ground breaking  event. Serving as an important business, networking, and educational hub, Reflect unites those who value curiosity, think beyond today and turn ideas into actions with lasting impact.

The 5000 guests at Reflect 2022 will be treated to a choice of 100 inspirational speakers and countless display booths showcasing new and innovative products and ideas.  The festival will also act as a showcase for our vibrant city since the events will be divided between four stage venues located at Castle Square, The Carob Mill, The Old Port and the beach!  As befits a festival focused on innovation the speaker list is diverse ranging from Tony Jamous (Founder and CEO of ‘Unicorn’ Oyster) and Justine Vigrain (Co-founder Braw Haus) through to internationally acclaimed investigative journalist and author, Jessikka Aro and Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Natasa Pilides. Members of our team will also be among them featuring in a panel discussion on the Old Port Stage at 1pm on Thursday 20th.  Moderated by Managing Partner, Elias Neocleous, panel members Spyros Ioannou, Fabian Cabeza, and Polina Romanova will be exploring the rise of Cyprus as a destination for Tech companies and the advantages for those already located here. Their discussion will give practical insight as to why, at both corporate and individual level, relocation to Cyprus can prove to be extremely beneficial.

The programmed events are loosely bracketed under the banners of Fintech, Health & Wellbeing, Techtales, Web3 and the future of the internet, Technology impacts, the Future of Society and the Entrepreneurial Path – ensuring that there is a topic of interest for everyone! A parallel event, the TechIsland Summit will also be occupying the beach stage for one day.

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is committed to improving its client service by promoting, developing and using the best technical innovations such as . We are also an international firm,  rooted in Limassol, which constantly seeks to promote our city and our country.  The Reflect Festival is our ideal partner since it shares these twin ambitions.  We hope to see you there!

For full details of Reflect 2022 please visit the event website.