Elias Neocleous & Co LLC – 2022, A year in review, part 2

At Elias Neocleous & Co LLC all our staff are committed to our core values of professional excellence, innovative thought and service to Cyprus and our community. Here is a further taste of how we have tried to live up to these values in 2022.

Innovative thinking

As a firm we subscribe to Charles Kettering’s view that ,“ If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong”.  The world we operate is constantly changing and therefore, we must look at improving ourselves to ensure that we are not left behind.  Here are some of the ways we try to stay ‘a step ahead’.

Staff driven

One of the main things that our clients tell us, and independent ratings agencies, they value about Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is our ability to look at problem solving from a ‘different’ angle and to think ‘outside of the box’. This is no accident, we encourage all staff to look at how we operate with a view to suggesting changes, improvements, new services and new skill requirements. Feedback from our novel award winning neo performance acceleration framework gives practical guidance on how we can improve performance.

Innovation Hub

Recognising the need to continually improve and reinvent our offering to clients a few years ago Elias Neocleous & Co LLC established an Innovation Hub within the firm. This has helped us to redesign many of our internal processes and infrastructure thus improving both efficiency and our service to clients. Importantly it has also ensured that we have robust cybersecurity defences and disaster recovery plans. Outside of this we have also worked in collaboration with trusted external experts to develop a revolutionary legal services platform. Following a series of pilot schemes Neolaw.ai was successfully launched in July 2022 and is now in use across several legal and educational organisations in Cyprus. We continue to develop its capabilities.

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Neolaw.ai launch

The firm has invested significant financial and labour resource into developing a revolutionary legal platform for Cyprus. Neolaw.ai .  The platform via its library facility offers users the capability of eliminating many hours of mundane research, provides basic document drafting capabilities and chat flow information services. It offers significant potential to users for increasing efficiency, expanding services and modernising delivery. Elias Neocleous & Co LLC made Neolaw.ai available with training to all new users for free for a four-month period in 2022. It is now in use in university law departments, law firms and in house legal offices across Cyprus.

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Legal Tech department

In line with current government policy we believe that one of the best ways to drive the Cyprus economy forward is to attract early stage innovative and high technology companies to our shores and to help them grow. To this end, in 2022 we established a dedicated ‘Legal tech’ team to help such businesses settle in Cyprus, utilise available government assistance and navigate the legal and corporate landscape of the country. An early success story for the team came in August with the siting of the operations and headquarter of Zantemark Ltd  (‘Yoloco’) in Cyprus

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Sponsorship of National and International Conferences

In September Elias Neocleous & Co LLC was a main sponsor of the Limassol Economic Forum, one of the largest and most prestigious international gatherings of its type in the region. In October we also sponsored the Legal 500 GC Powerlist Greece and Cyprus Reception whilst in May Elias Neocleous & Co LLC hosted the 34th ICC Fraudnet Conference. Members of the firm also attended and spoke at numerous high-profile events at home and abroad.

September 2022

Ex Tempore project

On the initiative of the late, Andreas Neocleous, the firm has altruistically dedicated significant resource over several years to compiling  the most important and relevant pieces of legislation in all sectors of Cypriot law with jurisprudence by article into a single reference text, ‘Ex Tempore’. The book has been widely praised by senior legal experts and law officials for its ease of use and for promulgating Cyprus Law. Copies of the book have been gifted to senior judges, government officials and educationalists.

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Showcasing new talent and ideas

For Cyprus to prosper Elias Neocleous & Co LLC believes that it must be open to innovative ideas and technologies. To this end the firm has been a proud sponsor of the annual Reflect Festival since its inception in 2018. Reflect brings together innovators, funders, advisors and ground breaking companies and individuals from across the region to a central hub in Limassol. Reflect 2022 was the biggest and most successful festival to date uniting more than 5000 ‘Doers’ and 120 world class speakers.

Alongside our commitment to Reflect Festival Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is also a supporter of the TechIsland organisation with Chief Information Officer, Michael Ioannou serving as a Board Member.

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Annual Blood Donation Drive

In conjunction with Limassol General Hospital Blood Bank Unit, the firm regularly hosts a blood donation session at our Limassol Office which is open to staff, clients and people from neighbouring buildings and offices. This years’ event took place in November. As well as providing much needed blood supplies the event also highlights the need for regular blood donors to step forward. The event is also frequently used to raise awareness of other medical issues such as the bone marrow register of which many of our eligible staff are members.

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Trainee projects

We aim to ensure that our trainees share our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). To this end, during their trainee year, each group of trainees is required to devise, implement and report back on a CSR project. Our latest group of trainees chose to highlight issues linked to Men’s Health. They undertook a range of activities spanning November under the ‘Movember’ charity umbrella. The events  involved family, staff, clients and peers and succeeded in both raising awareness of male specific medical issues and, a significant donation to the charity.

Outside of these named actions throughout the year staff have been generous with their time and funds supporting various local and international charities, colleagues in need, and international relief efforts.

Our core values define Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, and we know that they are also core to our many valued clients. Entering 2023 we pledge that as in 2022, we shall continue to do our utmost to uphold them.

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