The battle of ‘Seiko’ Watches versus ‘Seiko’ canned fish.

The Cyprus Mail has published an article co-authored by Senior Associate, Ramona Livera and Associate, Aylin Zeybek. The article concerns a decision given by the Cyprus Registrar of Intellectual Property in resect of a trademark dispute between Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha of Japan, the registered owner of  ‘SEIKO’ trademarks and Sophoco Ltd of Cyprus. Sophoco Ltd, a foodstuffs importer,  had made an application for the registration of the ‘Seiko’ trademark (in respect of fish products)which Seiko Holdings opposed. Ramona and Aylin provide an overview of the legal issues arising in the case and explain the thought process which led to the decision to allow the application.

The article may be viewed in full here.

For more information, please contact Ramona Livera or Aylin Zeybek.