Upcoming submission of Income Tax Returns for 2022

Taxpayers are reminded that the submission of personal tax returns for the tax year 2022 will only be made available via the TaxisNet portal once the relevant decision is passed by the Cyprus parliament. Pursuant to Directive Κ.Δ.Π. 373/2022, employees, pensioners, and self-employed individuals without audited accounts and whose gross income exceeds €19,500 are obligated to prepare and submit their personal tax returns (T.D.1 Form | previously I.R.1) for the tax year 2022 through the portal.

The deadline for the submission of the Income Tax Return (TD1 form) for the year 2022 and the payment of any tax due without interest or penalties is 31 July 2023. You are therefore advised to ensure that you have registered with the Cyprus Tax Department and have an active TaxisNet profile before 31 July 2023 to avoid unnecessary charges for late filing.

Please contact our Tax Planning and Advanced Business Structuring department who can assist you in confirming that all your personal tax obligations are submitted accurately and by the given deadline.