The best interests of the child always come first

In a notable development, a reasoned decision was delivered by the Family Court of Nicosia through which it was determined that the custody and care of minor children be shared jointly by both parents involved in the specific case. It was further determined that the minors alternate their residence between the parents’ homes on a weekly basis. This decision is particularly significant in that to date the normal practice of the courts is to grant parental care of minor children to the mother, with the father relegated to specific communication rights on designated days and times.

Given that this is only the second time a Family Court in Cyprus has reached such a decision signifies a shift towards a more balanced and progressive understanding of parental roles, as well as the wishes of minor children, within a legal framework.

An article authored by Elias Neocleous & Co LLC’s George Tsardellis, Senior Associate, and Kriton Dionysiou, Associate, and published in Philenews, provides an overview of this landmark case and decision. The full article can be found in Greek here.

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