Ongoing reporting obligations of a Cyprus International Trust

A recent article authored by Elias Neocleous & Co LLC’s Managing Partner Elias Neocleous, Senior Associate Elena Christodoulou, and Associate Alexis Christodoulou, and published by Oxford University Press in Trusts & Trustees, discusses the ongoing reporting obligations of a Cyprus International Trust in the context of evolving compliance requirements, particularly in relation to the latest European anti-money-laundering directives. It highlights the transposition of the 5th AMLD into Cyprus law and the recent European Court of Justice decision limiting public access to Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) registers.


The article also explores the laws governing regulated professionals and the disclosure of trust data in Cyprus; and further examines the Cyprus UBO register of express trusts and the limited access granted to the public, touching on the challenges that lie ahead.


The full article can be accessed here.


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