Laying down the foundations on Remote Working in Cyprus: A New Era

An article authored by Demetris Gregoriou, Advocate/Associate at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, and recently published in the Cyprus Mail, explores the emerging trend of remote working in Cyprus’ private sector, gaining prominence in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The focal point of the article is the introduction of the Remote Working Law of 2023, aimed at regulating and safeguarding employees’ rights during remote working arrangements. The law covers various aspects, including the definition of remote working, optional nature of such arrangements, and the need for formalization in writing. It emphasizes employer obligations, such as bearing remote working costs, ensuring technical support, and addressing health and safety concerns. The law also introduces the ‘right to disconnect’ for remote employees, specifying mandatory terms and measures to ensure breaks from the electronic means through which they perform their work. The article concludes by highlighting the proactive role of legal professionals in advising clients on best practices and aligning employment policies with the new regulatory framework.

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