Article of our partner Chrysanthos Christoforou in the International Financial Law Review

Our partner, Chrysanthos Christoforou has recently published an article in the International Financial Law Review (IFLR). The author mentions that Cyprus is a long-established international business center which guarantees safety, stability and prosperity for foreign investors for a number of reasons, including the island’s advanced commercial infrastructure and  its stable economy. Among the business it […]

Due diligence: ‘kicking the tyres’ or ‘priming the pump’.

The September issue of the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Gazette featured the above article, which was authored by our Publications Editor, Linda Stokes.  The article examines the different facets of performing a successful diligence and explains why it should never be approached as merely a ‘box ticking’ or ‘tyre kicking’ exercise.  The full article […]

Employee drones seek new hive!

The above article, authored by Head of Human Capital Anna Mylona, has been published in the Cyprus Mail.  Anna’s article focuses on an emerging phenomenon of the Covid pandemic which is being termed the ‘Great Resignation’.  Her article explains that whilst the various ‘lockdowns’ across the world may have induced stress and financial hardship for […]

How Organisations Should Reconsider Cybersecurity in a Post-5G World

Mondaq platform has recently published an article by our Chief Information Officer, Michael Ioannou, on the above topic.  In his article Michael elaborates on the benefits of 5G usage but also explains why each advantage brings with it an additional cybersecurity threat.  This is particularly true for corporations seeking to safeguard their networks and their […]

EU Digital Certificate and the Cyprus Safe Pass – a step too far in data collection?

The August edition of the Great Britain – Cyprus Business Gazette featured an article contributed by Michael Ioannou, Chief Information Officer and Eleni Victoros, Associate and Data Protection Officer.  The article explores the significance of Regulation (EU)2021/93 which introduced the Digital Covid Certificate across the European Union as a means to facilitate movement across Member […]