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Technology, Privacy and Cybersecurity. 

Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Processing, Data Sharing, Data Privacy, GDPR, Data Breaches, Ransomware Attacks, Malware, Data Recovery, Cybersecurity, Blockchain’

All the above are just some of the terms that have invaded both our personal and our business vocabularies seemingly overnight. The pace at which technology is advancing is breathtaking and many things which once seemed impossible are now almost mundane

Whilst new technology does open up many exciting opportunities it can also be overwhelming and make us feel vulnerable. We approach cyber as a corporate governance risk and advise on the full spectrum of cyber issues. This includes helping our clients understand and mitigate cyber risks, both in their ‘business as usual’ operations, and when engaging in activities which raise specific cyber concerns.

Our experienced lawyers in our Data Privacy and Cybersecurity practice can assist you with:

  • Implementing appropriate measures, policies, and procedures to ensure the protection of your data
  • Implementing the appropriate procedures to ensure the compliance with all relevant regulations (such as GDPR) and national and cross-border legislation.
  • Developing the appropriate action plans to respond to and deal with cybersecurity issues that may arise
  • Preparing for cyber breaches, including designing tailored cyber response plans
  • Responding post breach, including advising the board on internal and external actions, coordinating investigation of the breach, and liaising with regulators and third parties
  • The exercise of individuals’ rights, including customer and employee subject access requests
  • The privacy implications for tech, such as AI and blockchain, and the impact of future digital regulation on data risk
  • Data sharing agreements, from simple process agreements to more complex data pooling arrangements and large strategic sourcing arrangements

Lawyers in our multi-disciplinary technology practice understand the challenges facing those involved in the technology sector.

We advise on the full range of technology, e-commerce, digital and data related matters, including:

  • Commercial technology arrangements from global technology outsourcings, strategic IT procurement programs and cloud solutions to traditional software, development, licensing, and maintenance agreements
  • E-commerce strategies, law, and regulation
  • IP related technology issues
  • Data analytics and data monetisation
  • Competition issues arising in the technology sector
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions which require specialist IT input or have significant risk or value drivers associated with technology
  • Technology, IP and data issues arising in the Fintech sector
  • Legal issues surrounding Cryptocurrencies
  • Compliance with Crypto-Asset Regulation


Technology, Privacy and Cybersecurity Team

The Elias Neocleous & Co LLC team consists of professionals from a range of disciplines marrying strong technical and legal skills with heightened business acumen and extensive ‘hands on’ experience.  Staff are qualified in Cyber security, ethical hacking, digital forensics, GDPR compliance and Cypriot, EU and international law. We work directly with the firm’s clients but also regularly alongside other practice departments to provide comprehensive solutions for the numerous issues that may arise during business transactions. 

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It is no accident that Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is the premier law firm in Cyprus. We appreciate the importance of building relationships with our clients and of understanding their needs. We harness the best of modern technology within our firm to improve our performance and we want to see our clients do the same. We invite you to contact our Technology, Privacy and Cybersecurity team to discuss how they can help you maximize your potential whilst minimizing your risk.


Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brochure available  here.
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A real 'can-do' attitude and very proactive.

Their service and advice are first class in every area. Their main positive attributes are their business-like advice, their attention to client service and specialization and dedication. Their people are accessible and helpful. They meet deadlines and they keep us informed of progress. They give us practical, constructive advice that solves our problems. They have specialists in all areas so their advice is always excellent.

Highly experienced and professional. Very responsive, reliable and friendly. Their quality of work is great and it's a pleasure to work with them.

Professionalism, immediate availability when needed, quick action, and good consultancy feedback.

The firm is very responsive, efficient and creative.

A reliable law firm with a can do attitude. They are very professional and pay attention to detail.

Very responsive, professional, pragmatic, giving clear, concise advice and are commercially aware of client issues.

Always react proactively and with great professionality.

Practical and business-minded approach, proactive in solving issues with authorities, professional experience with complex cross-border transactions.

In fact, your team is so good, I would be delighted to be part of your exclusive club!