Legal Tech Hub

Legal Tech Hub

The world is changing and so are we!

Ongoing social and technological changes are altering the ways in which our clients think and operate.  At Elias Neocleous & Co LLC we recognise that to continue to provide them with the best service possible we also need to evolve.  We already have a reputation for providing creative solutions by ‘thinking outside of the box’ but with our Legal Tech Hub we are taking this strategy to the next level. By providing opportunities for individual and group collaboration across time zones and continents we have created a place that fosters a culture of innovation.  Through the creation, sharing, and testing of ideas Elias Neocleous & Co LLC will increase in efficiency, and both improve and augment the services that we can offer to clients.

Investing in the future

We are looking at ways to continually improve our efficiency and introduce new services and workflows that will benefit our clients.  To do this and build an effective hub we are investing in:

  • Technology – We have invested in an IT and knowledge management infrastructure which is unique in Cyprus by creating a new building to house an onsite Tier III state of the art Data centre to optimize and future-proof businesses’ technological foundation in terms of digital services and physical infrastructure, ensuring longevity, adaptability, and innovation. This benefits our clients and us in terms of efficiency and productivity and ensures that clients receive the best advice. Use of technology is central to our business model and future plans. We not only employ state of the art technology and work practices within the firm, but we also have our own multi-disciplinary project development team brainstorming to deliver new ways of working which will benefit clients and the firm. It is exploring new techniques including blockchain technology, data mining, cybersecurity, and machine learning. Its first major project,, is an alternative legal services provider which will soon be ready for delivery. We believe that the future of professional law firms lies in using the best of modern technology to increase the efficiency of lawyers by eliminating time consuming tasks and by expanding their knowledge horizons to the benefit of their clients. is our first contribution to this evolution.  


  • People – We invest heavily in increasing our skill sets and capabilities.  We recognise that clients’ want more from us than just knowledge of the law.  They want strategic business input, technological efficiency and understanding . We therefore invest heavily in building the skillsets of our staff beyond the purely law related and expanding our core team to include ‘non-legal’ professionals such as IT and cyber security specialists, accountants, tax consultants and human resource specialists.  We also focus on ensuring that we recruit from diverse backgrounds so we can connect with our clients whatever their origin.  Expanding our brainstorming input promotes wider vision, lateral thinking and enhances our creative output.


  • Developing specialised services – We are increasing the efficiency of our client services by reviewing our work practices and exploring the use of core technology in establishing dedicated service teams for specific tasks such as implementing GDPR systems, Transfer Pricing and DAC6 compliance. We combine the expertise of our area legal experts, specialist IT lawyers and specialist technology personnel to increase efficiency and provide clients with timely advice and practical action plans


  • Building partnerships – We are crafting strategic relationships which can benefit our clients and influence the future of the legal sector. Elias Neocleous & Co LLC has entered into a strategic partnership with the premier business school in Cyprus, The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM).  The initial focus of our partnership efforts will be assisting  CIM in delivering its new LLB (hons) programme developed in conjunction with one of the world’s most modern law schools, University of West London. We also have close alliances with parties such as IT services company, Bolton Technologies, international business expansion network Centuro Global and the worldwide Employment Law Alliance. Reaching outside the traditional legal sphere allows us to find new synergies and explore alternative views and ideas which can be harnessed to improve our client offering.

The launch of represents completion of the first major project to be created within our Legal Tech Hub. has been developed by a combined team of tech-specialists and lawyers. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, it gives lawyers the information that they need quickly and in a format which is most useful to them.   Using the latest and best aspects of machine learning and AI, together with  natural language processing, is set to become an indispensable legal assistant and knowledge repository for ‘in-house’ lawyers and practicing lawyers throughout Cyprus and beyond.   Through they and we will have access to:

  • Legal Brain: A digital lawyer with a wide knowledge from an extended library of the Laws of Cyprus along with references to relevant cases for each subject matter.
  • Informational Services: Currently covering GDPR, Permanent Residency, Trademarks and IP issues but expanding to include a host of topics such as “setting up in Cyprus” and full tax-facts on Cyprus tax.
  • Document drafting: Including basic contracts will offer lawyers in Cyprus new and more efficient ways to serve their clients.

There’s a way to do it better. Find it. Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931), Inventor