A message from Elias Neocleous- Managing Partner of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.

The current COVID 19 pandemic renders these challenging times for Cyprus, and, indeed the world.  They are also a reminder that there is nothing more important in life than the physical and mental wellbeing of our family, friends and the wider community.  An important element of this wellbeing is the retention of a positive attitude.  Cyprus has faced many seemingly insurmountable problems such as the Turkish invasion and, more recently, a huge economic crisis: it has emerged successfully from all of them.  It, and we, will weather the current storm by doing whatever we can to support our families, our friends, our clients, our associates and our community.

We are aware that the pandemic has created many unanticipated legal problems, such as Force Majeure contract terminations, for businesses and individuals. We would like to reassure you that Elias Neocleous & Co LLC remains fully operational and ready to service your needs.  Our firm has an ongoing policy of fully utilizing and updating technology to best service the needs of our staff, clients and business colleagues.  Naturally, this policy also includes ensuring that there is a ‘back-up’ plan in place to deal with unusual circumstances such as those in which we currently find ourselves.

In the coming days, our teams will continue to work for, and with you, as usual, whilst having due regard to the applicable laws, rules and regulations and any additional pronouncements from the Cypriot government, EU administrators and other authorities.  Our concern is always to ensure the maximum personal safety of our staff, clients and colleagues whilst maintaining business continuity and effectiveness. Using our advanced IT infrastructure, we have in place secure systems to allow staff to work remotely where necessary, without disruption.  You can also be assured that our advanced security systems are set up to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all our email and document communications, regardless of location. 

As an additional service to clients, we have set up a team of cross-departmental professionals from corporate, commercial, employment, public law, EU law, IT, GDPR and litigation, to quickly respond to their advice needs. I would like you to know that in these difficult and testing times, we are working for you and delivering the same high levels of service and responsiveness expected from us, to ensure that together we navigate these uncharted and difficult times.

If you have queries or concerns do please feel free to contact me, or reach out to your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, or alternatively email us at [email protected].  Now is a time for us all to try to help one another in whatever way we can.

We send you our very best wishes to stay safe and mentally and physically healthy in these difficult times. Let us all hope that the relatively swift actions taken by the Cypriot government, EU administrators and other authorities will mean that we can look forward to a speedy return to normality.