Justice without a court is still possible

Our Partner, Ms. Christia Middleton, recently published an article in the Fileleftheros newspaper.

In her article, Ms. Middleton, acknowledges the importance of the digital transformation of the courts and of e-justice in general.  However, at the same time she proposes that, during the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and also in more normal times, there are alternative ways by which the mechanism of justice can work. In particular, she mentions that the nature of the lawyers’ profession is such that it allows them to exercise their duties both inside and outside of a court.   She notes that even under these abnormal circumstances the reasons for disputes between people have not disappeared and social life continues to exist.  Consequently, means of resolving disputes are still necessary, and solutions can, in some cases, be provided by less conventional means, such as via the use of alternative dispute resolution tools.

You can access the article here, only in Greek.

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