Employment Law Webinar : Europe Year in Review – UK and Western Europe, 9 February 2022

On 9 February 2022, Associate and employment law specialist, Demetris Gregoriou, will be joining forces with the Employment Law Alliance and employment specialists from across Europe to present a live, interactive webinar.  The webinar is one of a series which will discuss the most significant labour and employment changes of 2021.  It will also attempt to forecast what major developments may take place in 2022 and their potential impact on businesses around the globe. 

In addition to looking at the past year and gazing to the future, Demetris will also explore some issues that have, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, become crucially important for many employers.  These will include the management of ‘vaccinating and testing to work’ programmes and, the taxation and residency problems that can arise out of local and cross border home working.  Experts from fellow prestigious firms such as Travers Smith (England & Wales) and A & L Goodbody (Ireland) will be offering similar insights from their respective jurisdictions.

The webinar will prove valuable for any business reliant on human resource. It is free to attend and will incorporate a Q & A session for the benefit of the audience.  You may reserve your ‘seat’ and see the full programme by following this link. 

Information on all global webinars in the series may be found here.