Reflect Festival 2022 – Dancing robots and so much more!

Elias Neocleous & Co is proud to have been a Gold sponsor of Reflect Festival 2022.  From its welcoming event at Limassol’s Agora through to its closing party at the Old Port the 5th Reflect Festival buzzed with innovation, information, creativity and energy.  Indeed, even the occasional shower failed to dampen the enthusiasm of its participants.

With a full programme of events split across three stages plus an exhilarating expo area Reflect 2022 truly did offer something of interest for all and fully lived up to its reputation for being the most important future casting event in the region.  Attendees were able to witness and often engage with numerous examples of creativity which really did include a dancing robot!  On a more serious note, displays also featured innovations including novel cancer treatments, soundproof pods and an ‘app’ Covve which does rather more to facilitate networking than an ordinary business card.

Alongside the actual examples of innovation and creativity, the festival also looked at the practical aspects of taking an idea and turning it into a viable business with successful entrepreneurs providing personal accounts of their own trials and tribulations whilst en route to success.  This was complemented by talks on start-ups from Invest Cyprus and Ministers Natasa Pilides, Charalambos Petrides, and Deputy Minister, Vasilis Demetriades.  Elias Neocleous & Co LLC contributed to this strand of the festival by hosting an informative panel discussion featuring members of its Tech Law department.  Together they outlined the many benefits available to innovative company start-ups and to technology companies if they locate themselves in Cyprus.  The discussion was moderated by Managing Partner, Elias Neocleous, with the panel members being Spyros IoannouFabian Cabeza, and Polina Romanova.  The Elias Neocleous & Co LLC team was also at large in the Expo centre demonstrating and the impact of technology on the legal profession.

Elsewhere attendees could delve into the mysteries of Fintech, blockchain and debate the future of money or consider the future of the internet.  Alternatively they could explore the interaction of new technologies and healthcare as well as considering the impact of technology on personal physical and emotional wellbeing.  Naturally there were also opportunities for the audience to question the speakers but this being ‘Reflect’ the ‘Slido’ app was used to allow for questions to be submitted to the stage electronically!

Whilst enthusiasm for new technologies and innovation certainly ran high the potential for negative impact also did not go unacknowledged.  Presentations also addressed the challenges of countering negative impacts and harnessing technology and innovation for social good and for boosting sustainability.

The positivity radiating from Reflect 2022 certainly provided a welcome contrast to more negative news elsewhere as well as fulfilling its main remit of showcasing new ideas and creating business and funding networks to help them achieve success.  We now look forward to seeing the fruits of these new partnerships and to Reflect 2023!

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC operates a Tech Law department which is dedicated to helping early stage and start up Tech companies navigate the complexities of locating their business and staff in Cyprus.  To learn more about how we can help please follow this link.