A 2023 timeline of innovative growth and outstanding professional successes – part 2

Our firm (ENC) seeks to cultivate a culture where everybody can thrive, together. We aim to facilitate the ongoing development and growth of our talent through cutting-edge development programs, interactive learning, and meaningful work, and are committed to community engagement through multiple CSR activities.
Additionally, our firm has adopted an impactful sustainability framework across all practice areas, integrating key ESG elements to make a positive contribution to the world around us. This includes the delivery of service that increases economic, social and environmental outcomes for our clients and the communities in which they operate; a focus on diversity and inclusion among our people; and the development of systems to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing. Further, the framework also accommodates the implementation of effective quality & assurance and corporate governance mechanisms; and the application of green practices to reduce our ecological footprint and waste.


Innovation in technology and service delivery

Our delivery of an exceptional client service worldwide and the successful integration of a sustainability framework across our operations is achieved in many ways. This includes our participation in several high-profile events and conferences at home and abroad to bring about meaningful legal change across industries; the pursuit of excellence in our processes through globally recognized ISO accreditations and ESG objectives; the recruitment and retention of the highest caliber legal experts; and the development and adoption of AI and machine learning technologies for a future-proof, digitalised tomorrow.  


Here are some of the key highlights in 2023:

Co-sponsor of the prestigious GC Powerlist Israel

ENC was the proud co-sponsor of the Legal 500 GC Powerlist Israel launch that brought together over 100 in-house lawyers from Israel’s most influential companies attended this prestigious event to celebrate and recognise the achievements of their dedicated in-house teams.

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Our firm receives Sound Industrial Relations 204 (SIR 2014) certification

After a lengthy 12-month assessment process, including a comprehensive audit of the firm’s Human Resource functions and of its Health and Safety procedures, ENC was accredited by the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), with ‘Sound Industrial Relations 204 (SIR 2014)’. The certification confirms the firm’s commitment to safeguarding the professional and personal well-being of its employees.

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ENC hosts IBSA event on ‘Residence Planning and Corporate Re-domiciliation’

An IBSA event held in June this year gathered esteemed industry professionals and experts in the field to explore the topic of ‘Residence Planning and Corporate Re-domiciliation’. More specifically, attendees examined the preferential tax regimes offered by countries including Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, and the UK for individuals looking to change their tax residence, and for companies wishing to change their country of domicile.

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ENC partners with KDDO Cyprus Network Justice for All

In line with ENC’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and ESG principles of promoting justice and equality within the wider community, our firm announced its partnership with KDDO Cyprus Network Justice for All, to offer pro bono legal guidance and legal representation to beneficiaries of the program, ensuring legal support for all members of society, regardless of socioeconomic background.

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Unprecedented success for ENC lawyer trainees in the Cyprus Bar Exams

Participants in our 2022-2023 Lawyer Trainee Program achieved unprecedented success in their first attempt at the Cyprus Bar Exams. With a 100% pass rate, noting that across Cyprus some 40% of trainees failed to pass the bar exams, made their achievement that much more remarkable!

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ENC a Platinum Sponsor of the 14th Limassol Economic Forum

Our firm was the Platinum Sponsor of the largest current affairs conference in the region, the 14th Limassol Economic Forum. This prestigious event brought together global, European, and national thought leaders, diplomats, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and technocrats, to discuss international issues on the economy, international relations, energy, investing, technology, and entrepreneurship. ENC Managing Partner Elias Neocleous was also invited to participate in a distinguished panel discussion on Innovating for the Future: Technology, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Work.

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ENC hosts panel discussion on ‘Navigating the Legal Maze of AI’ at Reflect Festival

Our firm’s tech law department, together with the Director General of the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation, Theodoros Loukaidis, also hosted an exciting panel discussion at Reflect Festival 2023 on the legal intricacies stemming from the usage of AI, delving specifically into elements of accountability, privacy, misinformation, and intellectual property. Also on-hand at the festival was a wider ENC team to demonstrate Neolaw.ai and to discuss the impact of technology on the legal industry in its entirety.

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ENC sponsors first-ever ReflectX start-up competition!

Our firm not only acted as a silver sponsor and co-organizer of Reflect Festival 2023, one of Europe’s largest and most cutting-edge technology events, but also sponsored a prize at ReflectX, the festival’s first ever definitive regional startup pitching competition.  The prize was awarded to the winning startup by offering them on a pro-bono basis legal services necessary for their operations.

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Newest cohort of lawyer trainees join our firm

Each year, our Lawyer Trainee programme continues to draw in exceptionally talented graduate entrants, and this year was no different. In September, we were delighted to welcome a group of passionate individuals as the latest members of our team, who have begun an intensive training programme in various departments around the firm.

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4 ENC lawyers receive recognition in the Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards

Four of our firm’s lawyers achieved top accolades in the Mondaq Autumn 2023 Thought Leadership Awards, for their top-tier insights and expertise in their practice areas! The Mondaq awards aim to showcase the platform’s top authors based on total readership over the last 6 months across 17 countries and multiple topic areas.

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Successful completion of rigorous ISO9001 and ISO45001 audits

After a rigorous evaluation process that included a detailed audit of our systems and documentation, and interviews with members of our firm, ENC achieved re-certification with ISO 9001:2015 and received certification with ISO 45001:2018, highlighting our commitment to excellence in quality management and occupational health and safety standards.

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Focusing on health: Movember madness at EN

After a rigorous evaluation process that included a detailed audit of our systems and documentation, and interviews with members of our firm, ENC achieved re-certification with ISO 9001:2015 and received certification with ISO 45001:2018, highlighting our commitment to excellence in quality management and occupational health and safety standards.

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Annual blood donation drive

For yet another year, our firm hosted two voluntary blood donation drives to highlight the need for ongoing blood donation and to offer our employees the opportunity to give back to those in need in our community.  Organised in collaboration with Limassol General Hospital’s Blood Bank unit, this vital annual CSR initiative is also used to raise awareness of other medical issues such as the bone marrow register. Outside of these activities, our staff have been generous with their time and funds supporting various local and international charities, colleagues in need, and global relief efforts.

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ENC drives growth with key leadership and Associate promotions

It was with tremendous pride that ENC announced a series of notable promotions in December, highlighting the continued growth of the firm and the outstanding talent whose exceptional service, client care, and significant contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping ENC’s ongoing success. This included the appointments of two exemplary individuals to key leadership positions and five talented lawyers to Advocate/Senior Associates.

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In conclusion, 2023 has been a remarkable year for our firm, marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation, professional excellence, and social responsibility. As we express our gratitude to our clients for their unwavering trust, we look forward to the continued pursuit of the highest standards in legal service delivery, guided by our core values of legal acumen, technological advancement, integrity, and social impact.