Employee drones seek new hive!

The above article, authored by Head of Human Capital Anna Mylona, has been published in the Cyprus Mail.  Anna’s article focuses on an emerging phenomenon of the Covid pandemic which is being termed the ‘Great Resignation’.  Her article explains that whilst the various ‘lockdowns’ across the world may have induced stress and financial hardship for many employees, for others it has also been a time of reflection.  A variety of surveys across the world are showing that large numbers of people are considering a career change. For some this is linked to a desire for a different lifestyle, however, for younger people in particular, it is often linked to concerns that ‘post Covid’ their existing employer will be less willing to engage in training and career advancement initiatives.  Employers who value their workers and wish to retain them therefore need to act accordingly in order to stem a potential exodus.

Anna’s article may be read in full here.  For advice on Employment Law issues please liaise with our Employment Law team or speak with your usual contact at Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.